Saturday, October 25, 2008

Part II: Happy Birthday to Me

The second half of my birthday was the next day at my parent's house... which oddly enough happened to be my brother Eric's birthday. (I figure that was payback for all the times he would get a present on my birthday because he cried. He tells the story a little differently but I know the truth.) It was a fun night. My mom made me peach cobbler and we just sat and talked.

The next day, I went shopping.. with some money I had received for my birthday. (Thanks Mom and Dad) I was so excited because I've been wanting to get Jay some new sleepers. The boy is huge and has outgrown all of his pajamas! So I bought a bunch of really big ones, hoping that they will last a few months.

He looks so much younger when his clothes don't fit..

You can't really see this new sleeper but I like this picture:
And now I just want to post some cute random pictures.
More big lips.
Here's the carrier Joe got me. (My head is cut off but I'm sure I'm doing my dorky birthday smile.)
Jay has this funny fascination with his hands. He always puts them all over his face and on top of his head. Joe made me run and get the camera for this one. Oh he's a cute one.

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Alex and Marie said...

You know you're a mom who loves her child when she gets birthday money and goes and buys something for her child with it. :)