Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sad Day


The closest I have ever come to crying while watching a football game.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Joe

Yesterday, Joe turned 27! This is pretty much the ONLY picture I have of this momentous occasion: Doesn't he look happy? This year Joe's grandpa came to St. George to celebrate their double birthday... 112 candles and nearly half of them were burned down to the frosting by the time they were lit and blown out.

Now, this is usually the part of his birthday post where I express my love for Joe. But this year I have received explicit instructions from Joe about how this expression of love should be formatted. (Some background: Last month, Joe's little sister posted a list of 24 things she loves about her husband for his 24th birthday. By the way, when Joe saw this list his exact response was "Gross." Lo and behold, every time I've been on the computer in the last 24 hours, Joe has asked me if I was busy writing 27 things that I love about him. I thought he was kidding until today when he told me that I couldn't post about his birthday without that list. Thanks Janelle!)

So here are 27 things I love about Joe:

#1. His subtlety.
#2. He's sooooo handsome.
#3. He's a man.
#4. He's the man.
#5. He's my man.
#6. He does the dishes a lot.
#7. He hates being late... we always are anyway, but he hates it.
#8. He can't grow facial hair. (LOVE THIS!)
#9. He writes songs about absolutely everything and keeps Jay very entertained.
#10. He loves college football.
#11. He loves Boise State.
#12. He adores his family.
#13. He adores me.
#14. He's the best dad ever. (also the loudest)
#15. He opens jars when the lids are on too tight. (He's also the one who screws them on too tight in the first place.)
#16. He drives a truck.
#17. He's a dog person... I don't like dogs but dog people are nice.
#18. He loves to travel.
#19. He loves to help others.
#20. He's a hard worker.
#21. He'll eat anything... and compliment me on it.
#22. He likes the Disney channel.
#23. He knows about musicals.
#24. He is a worthy priesthood holder.
#25. He supports my dreams.
#26. He's a loyal friend.
#27. He's my best friend.

The end. There are more Joe, but you're only 27. I'll save the next list til you're 100. You'll be so impressed then. Love you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Jay,

Never grow up.
Ever. Love, Mom

So Late... Sorry.

Here's my cutehead on Halloween. You can't tell in these pictures but he had a blast. We went to our ward's trunk or treat and we let him pick whatever candy he wanted from people. Unfortunately, not many people brought dairy-free candy so Jay ended the night with a bucket full of chocolate and about 5 pieces of candy he could actually eat! That's okay because we had a plan: we traded it all out with stuff we had bought for him when he wasn't looking. He had no clue.
It was so fun. As a mom it was nice to see that this holiday wasn't ruined because of his allergies. He's such a special boy.