Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jay's Shoes

Today's adventure was one of fashion. When I was pregnant I bought the cutest pair of shoes for Jay. I thought "Gee... by the time he is walking he should fit into these shoes!" I excitedly put them on a shelf in his closet, awaiting the day when my baby could wear them. Little did I know that I would be giving birth to a tyrannosaurus rex. Yup that's right... my two month old fits into size 1 shoes! They may look big on him but trust me they were hard to get on! Now I don't know what to do because what kind of Mom puts her practically newborn child into a pair of stiff shoes?... I'll tell you what kind!.. the kind that has a whole stack of 3-6 month clothes that her two month old is about to grow out of! (Oh and check out his hand in this picture... he so loves me.)
I was having fun with posing him. You can't tell but he's resting on his elbow. This is his model shot.
Which quickly led to his falling shot!

Admittedly, I probably should have put the camera down before this point.


Alex and Marie said...

You seriously crack me up, Stacey!

Shannon said...

oh my! His feet are huge!! I'm glad you're putting his clothes to good use before he completely grows out of them.

I LOVED talking to you today, by the way. THANK YOU for calling.

Ci sentiamo presto...!

Shannon said...

in response to your comments on my blog: YOU DID JOY SCHOOL TOO?!! Did I know that before? I think we just bonded on a whole new level Sorella. ("oh boy" - said in a whisper...) ;-)