Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Last night we had FHE with Mom and Dad Brady and Rick and Katie. Some of us carved pumpkins. Some of us painted pumpkins. Some of us failed at carving and switched to painting. Some of us failed at both. 
Katie peeled her pumpkin.
Rick carved his and mom put a candle in it.
Lights on...
Lights off.. 
Mom and I painted ours...
I carved hair for mine though.
And Katie donated part of her pumpkin to be a wart for Mom's pumpkin.
Joe started out strong. He stabbed his pumpkin, decided that wasn't going to work, painted a black spot over the incision, and then gave up.
He made friends with the other pumpkins instead.
Dad figured that holding Jay was much more exciting than carving a pumpkin.
And Jay decided that it was all pretty boring and fell asleep.


Jeana & Jonathan said...

Stacy, you guys are hilarious. I just love your posts. It is so good to see you guys through pictures and videos. Jonny and I carved pumpkins the other night and I need to stop being so lazy and post my pictures before Halloween is over. Anyways, we love you guys, Happy Halloween, and talk to you soon.

Shannon said...

Painting a pumpkin sounds SO much better than carving one (I hate touching the gooey mess in the middle). Great idea. TVB!