Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Talk

Jay was talking up a storm today so I decided to try and film it. Sorry about the poor image quality (I had to flip the video sideways) and how uncomfortably close I am to him. I couldn't tell what it looked like because I was holding the camera next to my face. He just stares blankly into the lens if I hold it in front of me.


Erin Ludwig said...

So cute! How big is he now?

Stacy Brady said...

He'll be three months on Wednesday and we haven't been to the doctor since his two month checkup... but he was almost 13 pounds and 25 inches. He's probably about 27 inches now and 15 pounds. That's my guess.

Shannon said...

Che carino! I'm loving the videos of this little guy! Keep em' coming!