Friday, October 17, 2008

Jay Laughed!

Tonight, for the first time, I heard Jay laugh. He has always cooed (however you spell that word?) and he's been smiling for a long time. But tonight he was full on giggling. It was the funniest thing I've seen him do and I could not stop laughing at him, which only made him giggle more. So we sat there for a full five minutes just laughing at each other. Of course when I went to get the video camera he started crying instead. So this is my post... no pictures... no proof.. just one really good memory.


Shannon said...

Yeah for wonderful mom moments! I hope his laughter is only the beginning of great things to come. He's got a funny mother.

OF COURSE I remember the gunny bag song! I completely believed it was real and would gobble up all my toys. Do you remember the "I can spell cat - C-A-T...." song? Or the "Fred, Fred, use your head" song?

I think I feel a sing-a-long coming up at our next visit together!

ti voglIO bene!

Erin Ludwig said...

It is about time I saw these cute baby pictures! He is absolutly beautiful. Nice work guys! I hear you are coming down for Thanksgiving, FUN! How big is Jay these days? I love his lips, they are perfect! Anyway I love the combo names. Mark and I could do Eric for our boy, but I don't like Eric, so we are going to stick with Marin. How are you doing?

Erin Ludwig said...

I had the same experience when Marin laughed Mark was outside and could hear the 2 of us laughing so he ran downstairs and grabed the camera but she was done by the time he got it out.

Dan and Jess said...

Hi guys. It sounds like you are doing well. Stacy, you are so funny. Tell everyone hello for us.

Jessica and Dan

Kade and Teann said...

Stacy, Happy Birthday by the way!! Hope it was a fantastic one. Look at all you've accomplished in one year. :) Time flies, eh? And have I mentioned that your little Jay is ADORABLE?! He is!