Monday, October 6, 2008

The Bumbo Coaster

You must be at least three months old to ride this ride.
Because Jay is growing so fast, sometimes I assume that he should be able to do the same things as babies that are his same size but much older. So being the proud mom that I am, I of course ignore the tag on his bumbo that reads "3 months and up". I figured what could it hurt?... my child is amazing right? So here is how it went:

First he looked a little confused...
"What is this thing?"
"Dude, Mom... I'm way too young for this."
Then his head started bobbing all over the place and he started acting like he was on the scariest roller coaster ever!


"Holy Cow..."

"Wait a second... this is kinda fun!"


After a few minutes, I decided that his neck probably couldn't take much more and I set him on a blanket.....

"That was totally awesome!"
An hour later:

"Man, I'm still thinking about it!" "I mean it was like whoa...""And I was like whoa....""And then we both were like whooooooa!"

"I think you know what I mean."

Overall I'd say it was a success. I think the bumbo pretty much made his whole day.


Shannon said...

Oh man Stacy! This post made me laugh out loud!! Jay's facial expressions with your commentary - too funny. It's almost like seeing him live. Almost. I'm glad you still have your great humor!

thelivesofthebradyfamily said...

What a day Jay had! Now you know what this means, Stacy, Jay is going to start expecting something exciting every day, and it's going to be hard to top this day. They really start demanding a lot around this age.