Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Big Lips Takes a Bath"

Even though some of my friends and family still think that Jay resembles me, the comments that I hear the most lately are "Wow what a cute boy!... He looks just like his daddy!" or "I can't believe how much he looks like Joe... What a darling boy!" Although this says something for my taste in men, it leaves me searching Jay's features for something of myself. I mean who doesn't want their child to look like them? So far I have only found three things that are definitely mine:
His hands.... which are big.
His feet.... which are big.
And his lips... which are.. you guessed it.. Big!

Now do I form a complex based on these facts?... I try to stay positive. But of the three features, I have to say that I am overjoyed that my son has my lips. I'll tell you why... When I was a child, I was blessed to have three wonderful older brothers. These brothers did all they could to ensure that my early years were joyful and fostered good self-esteem. Okay I'm lying. They teased me ALL THE TIME! One of their favorite nicknames for me was "Big Lips". So I might have had slightly larger lips than most and they might have been quite a bit larger when I woke up each morning, but really it was uncalled for! I had to endure years of, "Oh look! Big Lips is awake." or "Hey there Big Lips!" or "Hide your women and children! Big Lips is coming!" Okay I made that last one up. Anyhow, you can imagine my delight when I walked into my living room earlier today and saw this... There they were, my precious little boy and his giant lips. I happen to think they are adorable on him though, which makes me feel slightly better about myself. But, none the less, I am passing on my nickname to my baby boy. Hence the title "Big Lips Takes a Bath". I figure I can start a series like "Ernest Goes to Camp". (Oh and those yellow things on his hands are socks to keep him warm... Our house is FREEZING!) Anyhow, back to the bath... I really just want to document that my son has the same curse that I do. I'll just let you examine the evidence:

-His Relaxed Lips-

-His Unsure Lips-

-His Curious Lips-

And my personal favorite...

-His Duck Lips-
(... really that's the only way to describe them.)

So you see, he is my boy too. For better or for worse.

The rest of the morning was no less exciting. After I dried him off, I decided to put him in this cute little robe that my grandma had given him. I've been pretty stoked to try it on him. But let's just say that he was not as stoked to be wearing it.

I guess we'll try again next time.


Shannon said...

I just have to say how great it is to see that you've updated your blog and then read your comments which make me feel like we're at a DDM or something again. I love your humor. And Jay's big lips. You gotta flaunt what your momma gave you! ;-)

Chelsea said...

Stacy friend that boy is so your's! James and I were just talking about the three of you! Your site is great! Visit ours too!

thelivesofthebradyfamily said...

I think Jay looks JUST LIKE YOU, Stacy, and a little bit of Joey. He is such a cute guy. We wish we could see you more! Miss you.

Kim Allen said...

YEAH! I found you! He is sooo adorable. I love his lips. He cracks me up. I'm so happy for you guys.