Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Need Addresses People

Hey guys. So I'm in Boise right now and I don't have anyone's addresses with me to send Christmas cards! Lame, I know. So this is me asking you guys to email me your addresses or leave me a comment on here with them. My email is Thanks and sorry for this mass style message. I have plenty of Christmas cards too, so don't be shy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Jay and I leave the day after tomorrow (on Thursday) for Boise and will be there until almost New Years! Joe will come later. I'm really excited to get ready for Christmas at my parents' house... especially for Jay to help decorate the tree just like I did growing up, and play in the snow. Jay LOVES snow. Me... not so much. (In case you haven't ever read one of my death to winter posts, I'll just say that I don't appreciate winter much. It's beautiful but mostly unbearable.) The weather will be an adjustment. Today, in St George, I had the AC on in my car! I love Christmas in Boise though, so I'll sacrifice. I am most excited about waking Jay up before it's light, and letting him run down the hall to a brightly lit tree with presents underneath. Jay will actually get to open presents FOUR times this year... Christmas Eve with my brother Eric and family, early Christmas morning with just my parents, later Christmas morning opening stockings with Joe's family, and later that afternoon at Joe's Grandparents' house. What a lucky kid!

Anyhow, in case I don't blog the whole time I'm in Boise... MERRY CHRISTMAS!