Sunday, October 20, 2013

Brady Brothers 2013

 I finally took the time to get real photos of the boys (meaning not on my iPhone!). I feel like a pathetic excuse for a photographer if I can't even do portraits of my own kids once a year! We only had about 15 minutes and Ty was being... well Ty and that made things a bit tricky. But I'm pretty happy with how they turned out all things considered.

Individuals were hard but getting the two of them together was nearly impossible.
 (As evidenced by Ty looking confused and Jay pulling his pant legs up.)
I'm going to have to do some kind of Frankenstein Photoshop voodoo to get a picture where they are both looking pleasantly at the camera at the same time.

Oh well, they are still so cute together.

Oh and the coolest part of this photo shoot is that it was done only about 5 minutes from my house at the entrance of a nice subdivision in our ward. Bet you thought it was a national park huh?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Watch Out Ladies

Jay in my new reading glasses.
Jay is not a man to be messed with!...
A few weeks ago we discovered that Jay was engaged to a girl in his preschool class named Brooklyn. She is literally the only girl in a class with 15 boys. Apparently, the boys all fight over who gets to stand next to her in line, but lucky Jay gets to eat snack with her everyday because they both bring their own lunch boxes. Well, she told Jay that they were getting married and he seemed fine with that because they were best friends and that's what best friends do. Then one day I was checking with Jay about the status of their relationship and he broke down sobbing! He told me they weren't friends anymore because she took all the red stickers. (The nerve!!) He no longer wanted anything to do with that sticker stealing primadonna! I figured it was for the best as my 5 year old isn't exactly husband material anyway. 

But then came the field trip to the farm.... (Cue the music)

Joe went with Jay to the farm (because Jay is allergic to all the animals!) to protect him from any cows, pigs, and sheep that might want to lick or bite him. Brooklyn's mom was there and she made it a point to come meet Joe and tell him what a giant crush Brooklyn has on Jay. I guess Jay's sudden hatred has come across to Brooklyn as playing hard to get and she just wants him more! To her, Jay is the one boy in class that won't give her the time of day and it's driving her crazy in love. According to her mom, Brooklyn is having a party next month and desperately wants Jay there. They are even willing to special make his own cupcake (Brooklyn has told her mom all about Jay's allergies [Cute!!]). I told Jay about the party and he REFUSES to go. I have tried all forms of bribery, trickery, sorcery and tom foolery to no avail.

Now what?! How am I supposed to tell this sweet mom of a love-struck preschooler that no amount of sugar could mend my son's bitter, broken heart? Man, with such a dramatic boy it's a good thing I'm so down to earth! ;)