Friday, September 6, 2013

My Kid Is Cuter Than Yours

I was trying to think of a eye-catching title. I thought, "What kind of title would make me just have to read someone's blog post?" This is what I came up with. Because if I were to read this title in my blog feed, I'd be all, "No you didn't." (And I'd snap my fingers as if my life-long dream to wake up as a black person had really just come true... I'm not kidding.) Anyhow, after the snap I'd click on the link just to validate the fact that my kids are cuter. It's human nature. 

So now that I have your attention... here's why my kid really is cuter than yours. 
(See what I did there?)

Now guys, don't feel bad. I'm sure your kids have great personalities.

1 comment:

Mike and Alli said...

Super cute! As to whether he's cuter than my cutie... well, we will leave that one for another day! :D