Sunday, September 1, 2013

December 2012

Christmases in Boise have become something that I look forward to each year. In case you have forgotten (though I mention this every year) I HATE winter. But I put up with the snow and cold for a few weeks because it wouldn't feel like Christmas anywhere else.

Before we went to Boise though, December was still a great month. 

I started working for a non-profit called the School of Life Foundation. It's AWESOME! We go into high schools and basically take over their detention programs. We teach a four week life skills type class (once a week after school). I have never been a part of anything so life changing. These kids go from having all sorts of attitude on the first night to crying and sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings on the last night. For those of you who know how much I love teenagers it should come as no surprise that I love, love, love this job!

I should probably also post some random cute shots that I got this month:

 We ended up doing ginger bread houses this year which Jay thought was great. Anything with candy involved Jay thinks is great.

 Jay started writing letters to people. The letters aren't necessarily in the right order but most people get the gist of what he's trying to communicate.
(This says I love you to both Grandma and Grandpa)

And would you believe it... it snowed in St. George!!

 Christmas in Boise was amazing as always.

We got up early for stockings at Brady's house.

Then we did presents that afternoon. Jay and Ty gave Daddy their handprints.

Here are the boys playing on Ty's new ride along toy.

The boys were super sleepy the whole drive home.

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