Sunday, September 1, 2013

February 2013

 Ty is not impressed with Elder's Quorum.

It's beginning to get harder to find room for groceries in my cart:

And Ty can't seem to find his mouth... ever.

But the good news is Jay can draw Mickey Mouse:

And he started Preschool! He's coming in with only a few months left of this year but I think he's gonna love it.

In case you are wondering about some things he is wearing in the above picture, I'll let him tell you what they are:


Christie F said...

So what is the Epi-belt? Does it have an Epipen in it?? The bracelet is awesome!!

Stacy Brady said...

Yes. It is kind of like a small fanny pack only with stretchy material that fits two epipens and some Benadryl. He wears it every time he leaves the house. I'm SO glad we bought one. I can't imagine sending him to school without it anymore.