Sunday, September 1, 2013

June 2013

 Before it got too deep into summer, Joe decided to take Jay on a Dad and boy trip with Uncle Rick and Cousin Gage. They went to Las Vegas for a night!

Jay was in heaven, especially at the M&M factory where he got to buy a replacement mug for the one Ty broke.

Joe made sure Jay got to experience a lot of firsts: swimming with sharks (they were behind glass), eating teddy grahams with chop sticks, going to the Children's Museum, and what childhood would be complete without this experience:

That same week, Grandma and Grandpa Goostrey, Uncle Eric, and Cousins Kylie and Lainee came for a visit.

We took them out to see all that St. George had to offer...
And the Sinclair Brachiosaurus.

I had to pry Jay off of it.

The girls seemed to love it down here.

After my family left, June still had much in store for us...

Like a Home Depot run...

A visit from cousin Jake...
(Seriously Ty is so good with babies.)

And chasing strangers' dogs down at the splash park.

Ah summertime.

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