Sunday, September 1, 2013

March 2013

March was amazing because I got to check off something from my bucket list...


And it was a trail half marathon.
And it was beautiful.
And it was with my sister.
And it was so much fun!

I even took Joe and the boys on the part of the trail a week later to show them how hard it was.

(Where does Jay get these faces?)

We walked a long way and Jay was such a big boy about it.

My men on the trail...

And here's some bonus adorability for the month:

 Jay and I made a bird feeder... I think a squirrel got to it before any birds but Jay was just excited to see all the peanut butter eaten off a few days later.

Brothers... Jay's eye makes me laugh.

So does the rest of Jay.

And lastly, the Bike Rodeo at Preschool.

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