Sunday, September 1, 2013

July 2013

 I have decided that children are funny.

They sleep funny.

Make funny faces.

 Do naughty, funny things that I can't keep up with...

 Anyhow, we escaped the heat for a few days this month by heading to Park City. Joe's Uncle has a house in Midway that he wanted Joe to clean so he let us stay in his condo in Deer Valley for the weekend. It was a NICE place.

The tub was practically a swimming pool.

That and the satellite TV sold it for my boys.

This is from our drive home... It so perfectly illustrates my kids' personalities.

Also, I taught Jay how to play War. I called it high-low or something harmless but he renamed it Ten and now plays often with his "kids".

Later in the month, Joe took the boys to Jumping Jacks without me.
(I can't go in there... Ty got hurt the first time we went and I still have nightmares about it. We won't say whose fault it was because it makes Joe feel bad.)  

(I have a coordinated son and a verbal son... guess which one Jay is.)
Just kidding Jay! (I know he will eventually read this.)

Jay also turned 5 this month!

He specifically requested a Red Van Carpet Cleaning cake (Joe's company). Let's just say this was not easy.

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