Friday, May 21, 2010


Jay's cousin, Gage, turned one last week!He's a doll. His mom (Katie) threw him just about the best birthday party ever. Mmmmm... it was so cute. Everything was orange and blue (Go Broncos!)... and green. There were cupcakes that matched Gage's cake and they were really good. Here's Gage previewing the fun to come: When he first got his cake, he didn't really know what to do. After a little bit of help, he started to get messy.
(Love this face!) Look how cool the inside of that cake is! And here's a birthday smile: A lot of people showed up to join the fun. And it wouldn't be a day in the park if Jay didn't drop his pants. Uncle Devin and Maya tried to teach Gage how to walk. And Uncle Brent gave Gage a few fashion tips.
Jay had so much fun playing with his cousins.
Especially because this park had a splash pad.
Joe didn't think Jay was wet enough so he put him right under the water.
Jay didn't think that was very funny, and neither did I a few minutes later when he did it to me!
Here's cute Gage in his swim gear: And here's poor Janelle getting wet:
Look at Brent's evil laugh.
After Janelle got wet she grabbed Jay and they had a great time.
He loves his Aunt Janelle... and I love his face in this picture.
What a fun day! Good job Katie.


Janelle said...

Love it! I laughed out loud at the "Wouldn't be a day at the park if Jay didn't drop his pants" comment. And I couldn't stop laughing, which was a little embarrassing in this deadly silent computer lab at school:) People are looking at me weird.

G & G Brady said...

Thanks Stacy! Such a wide variety of birthday pictures--Wish we could have been there, but the pictures help a bunch!
What a DARLING BIRTHDAY BOY! We are the luckiest Grandparents in the World with all of our wonderful grandchildren. Glad you all (including cousins) have such a fun time together. One question why do some guys think it is so fun to get others wet? (Joe and Brent-any comments?) Rick even sounded like Gage thought the water was more of a torture than fun. Glad Janelle and Jay ended up having a blast together-AFTER they were once wet.

G & G Brady said...

I forgot to say how cool the blue and orange (and green) party looked! Nice Job, Katie is right!

Amy Bates said...

Ha ha! So cute.... now you have ammo to embarrass Jay on his first date. Just drag the girl in and show her pics of baby Jay dropping his drawers!

I want to call you and see how all the excitement is going, but I will wait till Friday when you have a day off...unless you just miss me too much and want to call before that.

Traci said...

Gage-a-rooney is so stinkin' cute! Jay is cute too, of course.

Lisa, Cody, Carson and Parker said...

Very cute. I might have to hire both (Katie and Stacy) for my boys parties.