Friday, June 4, 2010


Dear friends,
Sorry I haven't posted in forever and that I haven't posted anything yet about school. I have never been so busy in all my years of college. I'm doing around 6 hours of homework a night on top of the 4 hours that I'm in school a day. I have been going for three weeks now and I only have two weeks left (with the exception of one online class that will go for a month after that.) It's nuts but I LOVE IT!! I'm learning so much. I've already built five or six websites in one class and made a few simple computer programs in the other. My brain feels like it will explode nearly everyday. I'm excited for things to slow down in the fall. And my family is excited to get their wife/mommy back.... at least I'm assuming they are excited... maybe I should ask them. Anyhow, things here are awesome but busy. I'll try and write again soon with pictures.


Amy Bates said...

Love you! Hang in there!! See ya soon.

Mike and Alli said...

So proud and happy for you!

G & G Brady said...

You're doing great. This has been intense, glad it's almost over, but that you've done so well!

LGA Jones 06 said...

We need to catch up! I am glad school is busy and things are going well for you guys! I am sad to hear you will be in Burley this week...but not Boise. :) Hang in there, I hope you are not too overwhelmed with school-you can do it!