Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love to See the Temple

Sorry for posting every five minutes lately. Joe and I just went to the temple tonight to take some pictures. He thinks I should sell my work. I'm still on the fence about it.

But either way, the St. George temple is very special.
We were standing pretty far from the temple, but as soon as we put Jay on the ground, he ran right for the stairs.
Kids are amazing that way. Jay was so happy when he got to the top, but he was too scared to come down alone.
Joe's a good Daddy.


Amy Bates said...

Okay, seriously, you are going to have to cover my new walls with your photos! You are A.MAZ.ING! On a sidenote, my word verification on this one is Skywalker?

Branden and Andy said...

Your work is amazing! You do a great job!

Janelle said...

They are beautiful pictures. I love the flowers at the bottom of the second one. And... don't feel bad about posting every five minutes. I like it.

Monte and Brittany said...

you could seriously seel that! its beautiful!

LGA Jones 06 said...! So sign me up for a copy, you talented girl you!! So sorry I didn't text u back last night-my work schedule kind of messed me up this week. However I think it's hilarious that you tested so high on that math assessment-maybe you should be an accountant as well as a web designer. :)

G & G Brady said...

Beautiful pictures-as always. And of course--always nice to see Jay and Joe.