Wednesday, May 5, 2010


With school starting in less than two weeks, I've decided that I desperately need a daily routine. Last night, Joe and I stayed up talking about our goals and how we both want to be better people. So this morning, I woke up at 6:30 and went running. I also made it a point to read my scriptures early and get all the way ready... instead of my normal "wear whatever is comfortable because no one is coming over anyway" mentality. Well... it was hard. I was tired. I'm out of shape and I much prefer to wear sweats. BUT I felt better about myself and I accomplished a lot.

My point:
When I was in the MTC, there was a man (in my branch presidency) that became sort of a mentor to me. He told me once, "Sister Goostrey, you could live your whole life at eighty percent and no one would ever know. But you have so much more to give." That really stuck with me. I do have more to give, even if it's hard.

As I was recovering from my run this morning (literally), I wondered if it was worth almost killing myself to become better. Then this came to my mind:

"Disciples of Christ do great things not because that is what greatness requires, but because that is what He requires."

The spirit is pretty smart so I decided I better listen.

Anyhow, did I fool anyone into thinking that picture was a giant blue planet in space?... Cuz it was really a giant blue balloon from Home Depot in our backyard.
(I know what you're thinking... good thing you woke up at 6:30 to accomplish that today!)


Shannon said...

Man, I miss Br. Nacarrato. That was some great advice he gave you. You have a lot going for you (always have, but especially now). I'm so excited to hear how it all goes. I know you'll do great.

And I love your photos lately. AMAZING shots. I need to come and visit!

Grandmajan said...

I think Joe is a wise man. Your shots of the temple are wonderful. If you don't sell them - they would be great presents for friends who marry there. But that is why you should sell them.


Davis & Laura said...

Loved this post. Thanks so much for sharing. Oh, its sooo true! PS. I started getting up at 5:45am to go run with some girlfriends...but doesn't it feel good? Love your pictures, you are so talented!

Camille said...

Thanks for sharing Stacie. I like your inspirational posts. You hae BEAUTIFUL photographs as well. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing the sweet things in life. It does make a difference to have a routine adn get in shape and get your self ready in the morning....that has been a struggle with me not having Joseph around (no one to impress) Thanks for the inspiration