Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

One of my favorite things that Joe and I have in common is a love for long drives. We both love to sit and watch the world passing by. I'm always amazed at the detail and scale of everything... EVERYTHING! The Earth is truly beautiful.

Anyhow, yesterday I googled scenic drives near Saint George and found a route called "Joshua Tree Road". It was so interesting. It wrapped around mountains, and over hills out in the middle of nowhere.
Well, actually in the middle of a Paiute Indian Reservation. It was called the Shivwits Reservation. To be honest, I was totally creeped out most of the way. First off, every fence we saw was marked with "No Trespassing" signs. Which was sad because there were some sweet hiking trails. And secondly, all of the Joshua trees were dead from a fire or something...
It kind of felt like the elephant graveyard on Lion King. Oh and did I mention that every sign looked like this:
We literally expected a line of angry Indians to appear, blocking the road in front of us. Here we are laughing in the face of danger:
Alright, Joe's just kind of smirking in the face of danger, but I was pumped.
Jay was too. It was awesome. I'd totally go again. But next time we're gonna take Joe's truck because there were some off roads that my car couldn't go on.

On the way to the road we passed the Fitness Ridge Resort from the Biggest Loser!
There's so much cool stuff down here. A few weeks ago we drove down through Arizona (just on the freeway). It's gorgeous too.
It's like the road is carved right down the middle of a mountain.
I love, love, love Southern Utah!


Amy Bates said...

Ha ha ha...wait, some of those roads looked like you were on the way to if you like a scenic drive...

Mike and Alli said...

Wow, that looks gorgeous! Especially the sign with all the bullet holes in it. Mike & I love scenic drives too... we are always escaping somewhere for our Sunday afternoon drives. So good for marital chatiness time. :)

The Nielsons said...

Awesome pictures Stacy! You should create a St. George pamphlet or something to convince people to visit/live might have convinced me and I've never been interested before :)

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Hey - what kind of camera do you have!? You can email me to tell me if you'd like: Your stuff is awesome and I'm just wondering which brand you're loyal to :)