Friday, May 14, 2010

Love You, Dummy

Jay is so funny. He is always saying, "Thank you, Mommy" or "Love you, Daddy" or "More marshmellows, Mommy". He has to say Mommy or Daddy after everything. Well, sometimes he forgets who he is talking to and calls me "Daddy" or Joe "Mommy". Today, I think he came up with a solution. He has now said, "Love you, Dummy" three times to me this morning. Joe and I are like the Trinity of parenthood I guess... except there's two of us... and we're separate... and we don't believe in that. Okay, so not really.


Amy Bates said...

Wow! Jay figured things out early! Ha ha!! Hey, sorry, I HAVE been reading all of your posts lately, I'm just always checking them right as I'm heading out the door so I haven't commented. Forgive me !) Hey good luck on Monday. May all your pencils be sharp!

G & G Brady said...

Funny how you and Amy tease each other. 'Trinity of Parenthood', 'Duality of Parenthood' Hmmmm
Cute boy-Cute Family!