Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Duh Duh Happy Birthday

(Gus Gus.... Anybody? I'm hoping there are enough Cinderella fans out there that I don't have to explain the title.)

Happy Birthday Joe!
I love you so much.

Joe's birthday was Monday and it was an exciting day. I made him a double chocolate cake with stripes that alternated between German Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge cake. (If you look closely you can see what Joe's birthday hairstyle was this year... He needs a haircut so badly! He decided he was going to part his hair on the side of his head and grease the rest of it over. Ummm.... yeah.)

As always, we celebrated his big day with his grandpa who shares the same birthday. Joe admires his grandpa a ton and would not want to spend his birthday any other way. This year they turned 110!
Which meant that the cake had to be pretty big so that we didn't end up with a massive wax bonfire.
This next picture is amazing to me. I never really noticed a resemblance between Joe and his Grandpa until THIS picture:
Click on it to blow it up if you have to but their faces are identical! I don't know anyone else in the world that blows out candles the way these two do. It was meant to be that they share a birthday.

After the candles were blown out we started in on the next tradition... spending the next 15 minutes picking wax off the frosting.
It was a great night. Joe got a ton of awesome gifts and ... thoughtful (?) cards. (You'd understand the question mark if you had been there.)

It's kind of weird to be celebrating another birthday, another anniversary, another Thanksgiving. Time just does not slow down anymore. I'll probably have a heart attack when Jay turns two. Speaking of Jay.. look how cute he is helping his Daddy brush his teeth.
Cutest. Boy. Ever.
I am so blessed. Joe and Jay truly are the best things that have ever happened to me. They both make me laugh daily. I mean what guy do you know that decides he should have a "special hairstyle" on his birthday and then actually goes out into public that way?! (Don't worry he didn't go to work that way! He's not that brave.) I don't understand him AT ALL but I love every minute of confusion and delightful mystery that I'm allowed to spend with him. I wouldn't trade him for anything.


LGA Jones 06 said...

Wow, LOVE the hairstyle! How funny! Yes I see the resemblance between Joe and his Grandpa-it is crazy how similar they look in that picture. Jay is so sweet and adorable as always! Hey I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving, and let's catch up maybe this weekend?? We will be back in town Saturday or Sunday.

Celeste said...

Hey, I found your blog through Karin hawks blog. Anyway, your pictures are beautiful! Are you a photographer? I noticed that you have another BLOG. Do you do family pics? We just got ours done and I wasn't too pleased. I just love your pics and I love photography. I feel like I have so many questions. Like, how did you widen your blog to fit bigger pics?

Karin said...

Cure boys, indeed!
Thanks for the suggested tip-- when I "ctrl C" then "ctrl V" it just copies the words- no pictures. But I'm going to go try it on a Mac. I'm hopeful!

Traci said...

Joey's so cute. I love his birthday hairdo! And, yes, he and Grandpa look exactly alike in that picture. I hadn't ever noticed it either. It was great to see you guys over the weekend! Love you!