Friday, November 6, 2009

Jay's Words

Jay talks... ...a lot.
Most of the time he makes no sense at all but he really does look like he's having a conversation with you. He even looks at you like it's your turn to talk or answer his question. I always want to answer him but I don't know what to say.

Anyhow, he does say a lot of words that do make sense and I don't want to forget what a smart boy I have. He says:

Grandma (Mama)
Grandpa (Papa)
More (Mo)
Ear (Ea)
Nose (No)
Belly Button (Bayee Button)
Banana (Nana)
Apple (Aaapa)
Bottle (Baba)
Elmo (Emmo)
Oscar (Okka)
Jesus (Ssssus)

He has said a lot of other things very clearly but only once (Thank You, Katie, Big Bird etc.) and he'll repeat you but has no idea what you're talking about. These words are things he understands and says daily. He's such a fun and smart little kid... FULL of personality and funny faces. (I love his snotty graham cracker face)
Just yesterday he busted out some dance moves for my mom and I that looked completely real. We both just died laughing (which really hurt my throat). He's got moves. Cute boy.

(Oh and he finally broke 20 pounds! At his last appointment he was 20.25 lbs. Woohoo!)

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