Monday, November 2, 2009


Unfortunately, I'm not talking about "Elbow" the body part... I'm talking about what a toddler calls his red furry friend when he's got a stuffy nose. Apparently, Elmo's sick and needs some medicine too.

And this is Jay's sick face. Adorable and miserable. Joe and I are sick too, which is kinda crumby considering it's our Anniversary today. We didn't have much of a celebration, but we still rented a movie and ate some Panda.

Halloween was pretty low key as well. We were in Utah this weekend for my brother's baby's blessing. Jay was a lion. As soon as I get pictures from my mom's camera I'll post one. It was great to be with family, eat doughnuts, and drink homemade root beer. Thanks Jim and Jen!

The drive was a bit long though for Jay. He kept himself busy by reading an Elmo book... Upside down.
Oh yeah and by watching the same Elmo video 7 times. I know it by heart.


Amy Bates said...

You didn't catch it from us I PROMISE!!!! Sorry to hear you are sick...Happy Anniversary! Give Jay and Elbow a kiss from me.

Shannon said...

Sorry your sick! The Elbow thing is kinda cute though. I loved seeing you this weekend! Thank you for letting me come over!

Erin Ludwig said...

I'm sorry you guys are having to deal with the flu no fun! Marin loves Elmo too, we have two movies and I know what you mean I can sing all the tv songs and I will randomly start singing the friend song, Mark makes fun of me. Just know that I feel your pain! Get well soon!