Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Did You Know...

Did you know that when it takes three cycles to dry your clothes that there is probably something blocking your dryer vent? Did you know that deep cleaning the lint filter doesn't help that at all? And did you know that two feet of solid lint in your vent is a fire hazard? Hmm.

Now our dryer works amazingly well. I'm shocked that our house didn't burn down in the few months that we've been putting up with our "broken" dryer. Yesterday I did three loads of laundry in just a few hours--something that would have taken all day and through the night a few days ago. My life will never be the same.

Funny side note:
(Do you like how I tell you that it's funny?)
I tried googling "lint" to find a picture for this post... cuz pictureless posts can be boring... and I was bombarded by all these pictures of belly buttons and lint sculptures!.... First off: Ewww!... And really? Lint as an artistic medium? Sheesh. No wonder artists are poor.


Amy Bates said...

I'm too big to say I told you so!

Shannon said...

Sounds like something I would do Stacy! I'm glad the dryer is functioning now. Such a time-saver. I have a story to tell you. Call you after work?

Mike and Alli said...

Yay for dryer efficiency! Also, I'm sure I have told you this before, but you make me laugh.