Monday, March 28, 2011


I was released from Nursery yesterday!.. After a whole year! I pretty much feel like I haven't been to church in that long. Yesterday, I went to Sunday School and Relief Society for the first time since we moved here. So that's what the Spirit feels like. Just kidding. Hehe.

I have to say... and this will probably come back to bite me... I hope that I don't get that calling again until my kids are out of the house. Does that make me a selfish, toddler-hating human? Cuz I really do love my own toddler.


The Meffords said...

LUCKY! I know it is bad but I pray to be released from sunbeams every Sunday :) I miss Relief Society lessons!

Alex and Marie said...

You've already been there a year?!

G & G Brady said...

It is nice to get to go to RS and Sunday School. You'll probably still have many opportunities to serve in all of the organizations.