Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How I Feel Today

For those of you who missed my last post (or stopped reading because it was much too long) here's a quick intro: My son Jay is deathly allergic to milk... as in he could literally die if he goes untreated after ingesting any part of milk in any form. Last week, Jay's whole body broke out in hives and a rash and we had no idea why. (Now you're caught up.)

So today we took him to the only Allergist in town and despite all the negative things I had heard about him, I decided I would go in with a completely open mind. It started out okay. He was loud and slightly abrasive but nothing I couldn't handle. Well, they ended up doing a scratch test on Jay... AKA razor blades dipped in allergens stabbing your child repeatedly in the back. Lovely. Poor Jay screamed his guts out but the stabbing part only lasted a minute. Then my dear sweet boy stopped crying and actually said "Thank you" to the nurse who had done the test. After that, we just had to wait to see if he would break out. All was going well until about halfway through when the nurse came back in and acted confused as to what allergens she had put in which places! Seriously?! Then the doctor came in a little later and he looked confused as well! He finally gave us a list of things that Jay had reacted to but how on earth do I trust that?

Now I don't really know what to do. There is one other Allergist that travels to St. George from Salt Lake one day a month and I will for sure be going to see him as soon as possible. My biggest question is, do I trust the results of this test or do I put Jay through another test to make sure?

According to this test, Jay is not only allergic to Milk but also PEANUTS (!), Beef, Lamb, and Pork! I just want to cry. And the doctor said that because Jay has allergies the chances of this baby having them are pretty good! Sigh.

Okay, end of pity party. Thanks for coming.


Alex and Marie said...

I'm so sorry, Stacie. That has got to be so scary and exhausting.

Janelle said...

I'm sorry Stace. That is so frustrating and disheartening for our little JayBoy. I don't like the sound of that doctor at all and would definitely try to take Jay to the other one. And, you and Joe have done such an amazing job taking care of Jay and his allergies so far, that I have no doubt you'll be able to adjust to whatever new allergies he may have and any that the baby might have as well. You two are the perfect parents to handle all this because you've proved that you can do it and still have a cute happy little boy.

Shannon said...

Boo to allergies, is what I say. Take him to another allergist for sure and make sure it's one you can trust. In the meantime I'll be saying a thousand silent prayers for you.

By the way, how are you feeling these days?

Monte said...

you should talk to my friend Lis.. she has kids that are Allergic to EVERYTHING AND ANYTHINg! email me if you wanna she's way nice!

Branden and Andy said...

Stay strong Stacie. I think you should just write down what he eats and if he develops hives. The first doctor, to me, doesn't seem very trusting. I have noticed that if someone is allergic to milk they are most likely allergic to peanuts too, but I was allergic (like Jay) to milk but not peanuts and I out grew the milk allergy when I was about 20. I don't thik it would hurt to take him to another doctor just to make sure but I would also take a journal of what he has been eatting and if he has broke out. I do pray that this baby doesn't have any allergies. My sister and brother (one before and one after me) didn't have anything until the trees bloom so it is possible. Hope this helps and I'll keep praying!

Mom and Dad Brady said...

Stacy and Joe (and Jay)-
You've received lots of love and advice both here and just talking to people. We are all with you in being totally frustrated at that first Dr. (I'm writing this late enough that I know that you received better help after seeing the second doctor.) We are all also with you in our love and concern for our Jay--and in our support of how well you have handled things and all you have studied and learned in taking care of him. Love you all! Mom Brady