Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm A Big Kid Now... Sort Of

Well, it has been an interesting week here at the Brady house.... fun and scary.

On Monday, we had a "Big Kid" party for Jay with a few of his cousins. This was to get him excited for a few changes that we want to take place before the baby comes. We took the railing down on his crib to make it a big boy bed. We took the gate down in the kitchen... because of his allergies he has not been allowed in there other than meal times and very special occasions. And we took away his sippy cups, hoping that would help his appetite and make him eat more.

The results?

The first two nights he slept in his bed just fine without getting out once! BUT his naps on the other hand have been a nightmare. He has been so cranky and then he conks out at about 4:00 p.m. in the middle of whatever he's doing. Like eating...

It's hilarious but his attitude has been awful... he might not be ready for this change. We'll see.

Letting him in the kitchen has been stressful but fun. He's pretty good in there and we moved the trash can in another room. We bought him some magnets for the fridge and he's loving this change. This one will stay.

Taking away his sippy cup, however, has not stayed. For the first few days it worked great. He was eating more often... not necessarily more food though. Well, I was excited to see if he would progress but then two days ago he woke up from a "nap" (falling asleep in the living room) and he was covered almost head to toe with a horrible rash and hives. This was the same type of rash he had the first time he touched milk. It was a bit scary. He wasn't throwing up but we took him to the ER just to be safe. They sent us up to the Pediatrics Unit where they have a late night pediatrician's office. Long story short... Jay might be allergic to something else in addition to milk! Great. And to make it worse, we have no idea what it is. I'm scared to feed him anything until we take him to the Allergist next week. Based on his milk experience, if this is something other than milk and he is exposed to it again he'll be in the ER next time. The doctor said that allergies can develop at any point in someone's life, meaning that it could be some random thing that he hasn't been exposed to until this week or it could be something that he's been eating all along.

It's frustrating but we can handle it. Even if Jay has to have a mostly liquid diet until Kindergarten! At least he's safe. I'll keep you all posted.


Traci said...

Such a sweet boy! I love how he would walk around on his tip toes with his head held high, feeling so grown up, whenever you would let him in the kitchen. Funny kid!

Shannon said...

Oh man, Stacy. I hope there aren't more allergies to discover for Jay. You are doing a great job with him though and I think introducing him to new things is very brave. Even if it means a crankier child for a few days. Watching the video of him falling asleep while eating = best part of my day. LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Brady's! I'm glad now that we've decided we're kin to openly stalk each other's lives! Thanks so much for the nice comment. I'm excited for baby number two! I'm a little jealous of Janelle and all her cute neices and nephews. :)