Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Fast

Today Jay came up to me trying to put on a hat that his Great-Grandma Brady had made for him. The only problem was she had made it for him as a newborn, so obviously the hat was way too small and he couldn't put it on. He was very frustrated by this and would not give up the idea until I decided to help him. A few minutes later, with a little finesse, we got the newborn hat to fit his 14-month head. He was very excited and ran around making funny faces and screaming most of the morning. As I watched him play, I realized how fast his little life has gone by. He'll start some really cute stage and a week later he's on to the next thing. He used to suck his thumb. He used to think coughing was the funniest thing on the planet. He used to have fake sneezing attacks in church. All of these things could make me smile from ear to ear and now they are gone. Sure they are replaced by other cute and sometimes loud quirks... but I miss them.

Anyhow this all put me in a sentimental mood and I followed Jay around with my camera all morning capturing his latest oddities...

Like how he loves to laugh at himself and you can tell it's totally fake. He closes his eyes and peeks at you every couple of seconds to make sure you are still laughing at him. Or his overly dramatic way of drinking a sippy cup... (We've got an actor on our hands folks.)

He is also a very determined kid and when he wants you to do something, he'll do everything in his power to make you do it. In this case, "Mom I said take this!"
Perhaps my favorite lately is when he screams like a warrior and charges at you.
Oh and he thinks his Daddy is Elmo.
Explanation: Joe does a really good impression of Elmo. Most of the time he's home, he's chasing Jay around the house yelling, "Mr. Noodle! Mr. Noodle!" or talking to him in Elmo's voice. Well now every time Elmo's World comes on, Jay runs to the T.V. screen yelling, "Dada!" He'll be pretty disappointed when I tell him that's not really his Daddy's day job.


amybates said...

Wait...What?!...I thought that WAS Joey's job! He's good at it too! Jay is so dang cute. I just saw him, and he already looks twice as big!

G & G Brady said...

Thanks for writing down and taking pictures of so many cute things that Jay does. They do go through stages really fast sometimes.
As for Joe--He does so many great voices that Jay may become really, really confused about Daddy's job before he comes to understand that that is JUST HIS DAD!

Erin Ludwig said...

Target has their Elmo Live on Sale marked down from $60 to $27. I'm sure the master shopper you are already knew that, but I thought I would let you know :) It is fun how fast they grow up, but I agree sad at the same time.

Traci said...

He's so cute! I love those pictures you took. He is growing up so fast, I can't believe it. See you this weekend!