Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Busy

Well it seems to be photo season. In the past week I've taken over 2,000 pictures. I had a wedding last weekend. Then I took pictures of my brother's cute family and all his in-laws this weekend.
Then I did engagement pictures for one of Janelle's friends. (Fun couple.)And it's not over yet. I'm loving it though. (Sorry I can't really post better pictures than this since these people haven't even seen them yet!)

Joe's been a really good sport about watching Jay while I work. Here he is keeping a "close eye" on Jay at my brother's shoot in Marsing. He's texting. I had to laugh at that.

But Joe made up for it by playing with Jay on the swings.
Precious no? I have a good life.


LGA Jones 06 said...

Hey cute pictures! I'm glad you're so busy and able to be doing what you love. Hey thanks for letting us borrow joe for a few hours tonight. We really appreciated the help moving. You will have to come see our new place. I really like it!

Jim said...

Busy, indeed! Great shots.