Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Blues

Happy Birthday Jay!!!
(I cannot believe I am the parent of a one year old child!! How did this happen?)

Okay back to Jay:
Poor Jay hasn't really enjoyed his birthday so far. He woke up with a fever and it hasn't gone away yet. I had to take him to the doctor this afternoon because his fever was up near 103. I thought it was the normal teething routine but the doctor found out that his throat is all swollen and gross too. Jay has only been sick one other time in his whole year of life and it kinda stinks that the second time happens to fall on his birthday. The doctor also said that my child is too skinny! Still fifth percentile. He's 18 lbs. 10 oz. I think he's perfect but I have a month to fatten the kid up before his next appointment. I'm going to have to give him soy coffee creamer! I discovered it a month or two ago and the doctor thought it was a great idea. We'll see how it goes.

Even though Jay is miserable today, he's still is a smiley kid. I LOVE Jay's smiles. One time we visited my parents' ward and a cute old man sitting next to me was just gaga over Jay. He said, "This boy has a million dollar smile." It's true. He is always so happy and excited about literally everything. Joe made a funny comment the other day about that. He said that the reason why Jay hasn't learned to walk yet is because he gets so excited that he falls down! If you saw Jay try to walk you would understand. He stands up and looks at whoever is waiting for him to take a step. He giggles and gets a huge smile on his face. Then he starts waving his hands in the air like a bird taking off and falls backwards. It's pretty cute. Jay is also an abnormally cuddly kid.... which I also LOVE. He'll even hug you and pat your back. I don't know where he got that but it's adorable. Being a mom to Jay is incredible and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love him so much!

As for birthday plans, we're not actually celebrating his birthday today (due to illnesses, temple assignments, spider invasions, etc.) But as soon as the madness settles down, bring on the dairy free Elmo cake! (I'll post pictures of course.)

Oh and Hawaii posts are coming soon.


Amy Harris Shearman said...

your son can take some of my son's girth :) Isaac is not even a year yet and he weighed in at 23 pounds at 9 months! haha

amybates said...

Hawaii...Hawaii...Hawaii...I know you have like 3000 pictures...COME ON! Happy Birthday Jay!

Alex and Marie said...

My 3 1/2 month old Link probably weighs about the same as Jay. Sheesh! I am so so jealous about Hawaii!!!

Flores Hayes said...

so cute!!! Happy Birthday to your boy!!!
Flor (

Davis and Laura said...

You really don't know how it happened? Ha. Happy Birthday little guy! :) You have such a cute family!