Monday, August 3, 2009

Next Year I'm Pushing For Big Bird!

So we finally had Jay's birthday party yesterday... only a few days late and he'll never know. Saturday night I was all geared up to make the most awesome dairy-free Elmo cake the world has ever seen. I baked the cake and the recipe was actually quite good. (Vegan Margerine. Who knew?) Anyhow the trouble came when it was time to make the red frosting for Elmo's fur. Why didn't someone tell me there was such a thing as frosting dye? I've been using food coloring my whole life! Needless to say a bottle and a half of food coloring later, I had myself a bowl of bright red soup! I tried to thicken it up with corn starch and powdered sugar but to little avail... Elmo was melting right before my eyes. I finally stuck the remaining frosting in the freezer and later frosted over my messy friend with a spatula. It took me until 2:00 a.m to fix him but he turned out okay considering.After a serious nap Sunday afternoon, we met over at Rick and Katie's house for the party. Joe's parents and grandparents came (and Rick and Katie of course) and my parents and Eric and Teresa came. I love when both families are together. Jay got some great presents including some cute clothes, toys, Mariners sippy cups and spoons, money from great-grandparents, videos, and the most annoying kitty cat and phone toys ever! It is a tradition in my family to pass these two toys along to whichever grandkid is turning one. The kids LOVE them but they are soooo obnoxious. As soon as the next grandkid turns one, he/she gets their turn with the toys... much to the relief of the previous owner's parents. The only problem is that the next grandkid to turn one is nine months away! Lucky us.

Here's Jay and Joe opening gifts: After the presents, we went outside for a quick family photo. (I begged. FINALLY!) Then it was time for cake. We had to do the picture before cake because... well... you'll see: Love this one. Bottle break.
All done.
And yes he's still a little pink!

Overall I'd say it was a success. Jay didn't eat a ton of his cake but he sure made a mess. And he's been playing with his new toys all day today.

(Watching his new "Wiggles" video and clutching his new Elmo.) Cute. Love this kid.


Shannon said...

I love the new layout of the blog Stacy! And the family picture too. I can't believe Jay is one either - but he sure is cute. Is he feeling all better now?
*Sorry for not calling this weekend - life has been crazy. I'll try calling you tonight.

Heather said...

What a cute red mess! The cake does look great. Happy birthday Jay!

amybates said...

...I'm waiting...

Janelle said...

I love that family picture! Wish we could've been there for the birthday celebration. But we'll see you in a couple weeks.

G & G Brady said...

Fun Party! Truly Awesome Cake! DARLING BOY! SUPER FAMILY PICTURE! (nice job as the photographer Sheila.)
We love being a part of these celebrations and your lives.