Monday, July 6, 2009

For The Beauty Of The Earth

This weekend Joe and I traveled to Utah for a baby blessing (my sister's new baby). We got there late Friday night because I had plans with my mission companion, Shannon, on Saturday morning. Shannon and I decided to go hiking and it was such a fun morning. She took me to Stewart Falls up Provo Canyon. (I think that's where we were.)

So pretty. The falls were gorgeous and weather was perfect.
Here's Shannon.. she didn't know I was taking her picture but I like the effect.
Somehow even nature isn't safe from my picture taking awkwardness... as if I had to point for you to notice the big waterfall behind me! (Arg.)
The hike was much more strenuous than I would like to admit. It left me wondering how all the people ahead of me with children and puppies were managing. We did however, take a harder route up a steep face to get a better view of the falls. We basically had to climb up and slide back down... whether by accident or on purpose. But it was worth it.
The view was breathtaking.
Thanks Shannon! Good times and much needed girl talk. My favorite part had to be when we were passing those people and I was midsentence on the word "mourning" and the man I was passing looked up happily and said, "Morning!" Gotta love homonyms.


Erin Ludwig said...

I went to high school with Shannon! Weird.

Shannon said...

Shout out to Erin!

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL Stacy! Looks to me like you have your new camera figured out pretty well. I love that I got to spend the morning with you. It was exactly what I needed and I've been thinking about your advice all weekend. I am so blessed to know and love you Stacy. You will always be one of my dearest friends. LOVE YOU!