Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scenic Sunday--Grafton, Utah

Joe and I started taking Sunday drives again. Last Sunday, however, I not only forgot to take any pictures but we "winged it" and ended up taking what we thought was a loop for two hours before turning around! That was a LONG drive.

Today, we decided to go out to an old LDS ghost town about 45 minutes from St. George. It was a pretty drive and had some interesting buildings. It would be fun to shoot family pictures out there sometime. Some polygamists actually showed up while we were there which made it feel like This is the Place National Monument in Salt Lake. You can see them if you blow up this next picture...
(Okay they are really tiny. But there are two women just above and to the left of the picket fence.)

Jay was just happy to be out of the car.
You couldn't go inside these buildings but you could look in through the windows. There had to be a million dead flies on the schoolhouse floor.
Fun day. Even with the heat, I still love this place.


Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures, Stacy! I want to go on an evening drive with you! I'm going to call you this week and catch up... Love you!

Mom and Dad Brady said...

We want to go here with you! Stacy these pictures are SO good! Glad you can capture just the right things/looks when you take pictures. You are REALLY GOOD!!!

Camille said...

I love your pictures in this post