Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Goostrey Family Reunion 2011

It's that time of year again... reunion season! In July we traveled 10 hours to Boise to have our annual Goostrey reunion. It was great to have everyone together. Can you tell I'm ready to explode? This baby needs to come now!

The weekend was filled with fun activities for the kids. My mom even rented a bounce house. Hence why Jay couldn't keep his eyes open after playing in the heat. I was really bad at taking pictures this year but I did get a few on a night we had a fire pit and smores.

Laney and Grandma John Daniel Spencer As the sun went down, Eric and Laney had some fun taking silhouette pictures. Cute Daddy/Daughter shot And Eric pretending he's Michael Jordan... with the help of a strategically placed chair.
It was so good to be back in Boise and spend time with my family!

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Kade and Teann said...

Look at those gorgeous Idaho sunsets!! :) Wow, you forget how each of our family's is expanding until you see a group shot and realize, sheesh! That's quite a big group these days! :) Fun pics!