Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fanks and Bonedozers

Jay has been saying such funny things lately and I don't want to forget them. (Some of these I posted on facebook.)

He calls Bulldozers "Bonedozers".

Jay really loves his cousin, Gage, who lives here in St. George. Whenever we leave Gage's house Jay says, "We have to go back. Gage needs me!" (A little prideful and dramatic... but thoughtful.)

The other day, Jay refused to eat his lunch. So I told him that he could either eat his lunch or take a nap. He said he wanted to take a nap. (Not the way I thought that would go!) He must have seen my disappointment because then he looked at me so sincerely and asked, "Mommy, are my choices not happy?"

He calls bungee cords "Hookers" because of the hooks on each end. This was a little awkward but last time he called one a "Corder" and I made sure to laugh really loud. (Usually the more I react, the more he says something!)

The other day, he told me that hugs and kisses make little boys happy.

In church a few weeks ago, he stood up during the passing of the sacrament and yelled, "I ate all my toenails!"

During prayer one night, Jay corrected Joe's English:
Joe: "Help us to sleep good."
Jay: "Help us to sleep well."
Then when prayers were over, Jay asked, "Is Jesus happy now?"

He can't say some of his letters and sounds. My favorite, though, is the word "Thanks".
Anytime I say, "I love you Jay" or "You're such a good boy" he will just look so happy and say, "Fanks, Mom!"

He will randomly stand up, turn around, and say, "Watch me shake my bum" as he wiggles his hips. (Not sure where he got this one... Maybe from watching too much "Full House" with Joe? Little Michelle does that sometimes... minus the announcement!)

Anyhow, Jay's a lot of fun and we love having him around!


Abrie said...

Aw how funny!! I wish I were there to hear all those cute phrases myself! When are you coming to Boise next? How are you guys?

Shannon said...

I think this is one of my most favorite posts of yours ever. I think I laughed out loud to every single one of these! Man, I've got to meet this kid. What I love most is that it's a great reflection on how much you love your family and how they love you. The simple fact that he thought, "Are my choices not happy?" says volumes about you as s mother. It really does.

My roommate wants to go on a road trip to St. George and I am ALL for it. I'll keep you posted on when we decide to come.

(by the way, I'm loving your pins on pinterest! That place is addictive!)

Mom and Dad Brady said...

Love this and Love him!