Friday, May 8, 2009

This Just In: I Am Not A Bad Person

There are three wonderful inventions that have helped me feel better about myself lately: 

#1) A Dishwasher.
 I used to love to cook before I got married. I would have even called it "relaxing". That all seemed to vanish when I got married though, and I never connected it to the fact that I had to do all the dishes by hand. I always thought, "What is wrong with me? Do I not love my family enough? This is supposed to be joyful!" Today as I was cooking soup, I realized that the dread
 was gone! It only took me five minutes to clean up and put everything in the dishwasher! I'm in love with this machine. 

#2) A High Chair.
Up until a few days ago, we were still feeding Jay in his bouncer! (Which he HATED) I dreaded the experience each day, and I have to admit that the inconvenience mixed with his food allergies made me feed him less solid food than he probably needs. But I finally broke down and bought a high chair. How did I ever go without this?! He loves it. I love it. He actually eats now... 
kind of. 
#3) A Baby Gate
This just came in the mail today! I used to spend half of my day just chasing Jay around, dragging him out of the kitchen, building pillow barricades, pulling stuff out of his mouth (who knows where he finds this stuff?!). It was exhausting! They should market these gates as energy pills. I feel great! All of a sudden I can leave the room and not worry that he's getting into something that he shouldn't be. And my floor is pillow free!

So I'm not a bad person! I spent months wondering why I hated cooking, why I dreaded feeding Jay, why it was so hard to get anything done and why I was so TIRED all the time? If you ever feel this way, I suggest purchasing one of these items. Lifesavers. 

(I have also come to the realization that although I'm not a bad person... I'm also not cut out to be a pioneer. I can live with that though.) 


amybates said...

He's just too cute! Aren't baby gates the best? The boys just broke ours the other day when we were babysitting little Gabe. So sad :( You'll have to let me know if you found a good deal, yours looks like a nice one.

Redheaderfriends said...

It wonderful to have these many helpful creations. I don't know what I would do with out them.

It is good realize now, that you are not a Bad person. That will help with getting through things as each circumstance comes up.

You are a great person. Every since getting to know you during summer school, I have always really admired you. You were always so joyful, happy and out going with a light and powerful spirit, and that is what I wanted to be like.

Sam and Livi said...

haha you're a hoot. Good suggestions for someday. :)