Friday, May 22, 2009

Pretty Trippy

I've been working on a slideshow for Janelle's Wedding (Joe's little sister) and while doing that I ran into a few baby pictures of Joe. Now for all of you who think Jay looks just like me, this post is for you. Check it out.

Joe: Jay: Me: To me he looks so much like Joe as a baby. Maybe with my eyes though. Anyhow Joe was so cute (and is so cute now... he'll call me out on that one) I just had to share a few of my favorites. And here's me: 
Some people think Joe and I look like brother and sister. I'm kind of grossed out by that.


amybates said...

They are like twins!

Heather said...

How fun to compare and I think you are right on about Jay looking like Joey but with your eyes! In regards to looking like bro & sis, my husband and I were once asked if we were brother and sister as well by a single's ward member while we were dating and so of course holding hands. WEIRD!!

Kim Allen said...

Oh my goodness you guys were the cutest kids!! And I think he looks like Joey because of the first two pics. I saw your mom last week and thought I needed to catch up with you.