Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Childproofing

Problem: Solved.
I have to tell you that I am in love with Craig's list. This entertainment center was only $25! It's so nice to not have to pick up every DVD we own off the floor everyday... not to mention that right after I took that top picture, Jay pulled the whole tower down on top of himself!

I also got a gym membership off Craig's List. (Happy Mother's Day to me. Thanks Joe!) Did you know they have those?! Well they do and it's awesome. So many people are trying to get rid of them right now. You just search through and find whatever gym you want at the lowest price you can find. No start up fees! And the person is usually so desperate to get rid of it that they will pay to transfer it to your name. Then to make it even better, you are only locked into it for the amount of time they had left on their contract. I signed up at Gold's and the girl had a year left. After that they'll just keep charging me until I cancel. And the girl had already paid for this month so I get to use the gym for free until June 20th. And on top of all that, I get UNLIMITED childcare for only $10 a month! (Obviously, I had to be super picky about this option because of Jay's food allergies.) Their facility in Meridian is amazing. They know how to handle food allergies and the gym has TV's on almost every machine where you can watch the kid's club from three different views! So I can spend forty-five minutes getting a good workout, with Jay only 50 yards away, and I can watch him the whole time! Love it.

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amybates said...

$25, what a bargin!