Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cell Phone Gallery

I was going through Joe's phone last night and realized how many cute pictures he had. So I thought I'd share:

The Many Faces of Jay
(Go Broncos!)
(This next picture cracks me up)
Cute Ty

...and His Binky

(Jay wants to be just like baby Ty)
(Jay giving Ty a blessing)
Jay's Style Inspirations
(Jay wearing Ty's 3 month old pants)
(Jay loves Joe's work shirt, so for Christmas he got one of his own)

And this list would not be complete without...

(no explanation here)

I am so lucky.


The Meffords said...

I take it your hubby is not a morning person? lol Your kids are soooo cute! We miss you guys so much!

Shannon said...

Ha! I love your sarcasm, Stacy. Makes me miss you. So glad you shared all these photos!

Janelle said...

Haha that picture of Jay swaddled up is awesome. And I can't believe he can fit in those 3 mo. pants! Love that Joe sends pictures of his boys so often. Actually, I think it's slowed down lately, tell him to pick it up again stat!

Mom and Dad Brady said...

I love seeing these pictures again. Jay pulls some great faces doesn't he? One of my favorite pictures is the one where Jay is giving Ty a blessing. That is priceless. I also love seeing how excited Jay is about having his own Red Van Carpet Cleaning shirt.