Monday, January 16, 2012

The Brady Men

Here's my boys a few days ago.
You know, I would love to have a baby girl someday but when I look at pictures like this I can't help but want more boys. I just love them. And Jay's facial expression... who wouldn't love that? I have no idea where he gets it. (Ha!)

Speaking of Jay I better record his latest stuff... and as always most of this was on facebook:

  • Today Jay told me that he always shares all his promises. Apparently if you can keep them, you can share them.

  • My mom was feeding Ty a bottle and Jay and I were in another room:
Jay: "Mom, why can't Ty be in here?"
Me: "Because he needs to be eatin'."
Jay: "He needs to be eaten?! By a monster?!"

  • Before giving Jay a haircut:
    Me: "Alright Jay, eat your pancakes and then I'm going to buzz your head."
    Jay: "Okay!" Then looking nervous, "Mom, what does buzz my head mean?"

  • Jay thinks the Book of Mormon is about Dinosaurs.
    Last month, he was carrying around one of those little military Book of Mormons and telling the cable guy, "This is the Book of Mormon. It's red. Red is my favorite color. Look I'll read it. Tyrannosaurus Rex is chasing all the dinosaurs. He eats the slow ones. Oh look... here's a Brachiosaurus dinosaur. That's my favorite..."

He's pretty fun to have around.


Janelle said...

Love that picture! Handsome boys. And I love reading about the funny things that Jay says, here and on facebook. I'm really very happy that you got back on facebook. My favorite is when Joe gets on your account and makes comments about how amazing he is.

Mom and Dad Brady said...

Cute picture! Jay telling the repair guy about the Book of Mormon/Dinosaurs was great! He's got such a creative imagination and cute personality. It will be fun to watch Ty's personality develop.