Monday, January 16, 2012


Over Christmas, I was in Boise for nearly a month! And do you know what I missed most from home?... (I should say Joe huh?) Okay do you know what I missed SECOND to Joe?

Our bed. Now, this is not any ordinary bed. This is a very special bed. Before you can appreciate the awesomeness of this bed though, you must know something about me. I have what is called a hiatal hernia and reflux that forces me to spend a lot of time sleeping in a recliner. That is until a Christmas miracle occurred and Joe and I happened to be at the right place at the right time. By chance we found out about a neighbor of ours that needed to sell his bed with only a few days until he had to move. We heard that it was a king size bed that could raise up and down and immediately I jumped in to ask how much. So get this: Our neighbor bought the bed for $4,000 a year ago but he was in such a hurry that he was selling it for $350! And it was still in the plastic until a week before!

Well now it's ours. Here's Joe's family trying it out.
(And loving it.) This bed is AWESOME! It is remote controlled, pillow top, and can massage you in 3 different modes. It's basically the best part of my day. Sometimes it makes me feel old though because it's technically two separate twin beds. Yes, Joe and I now sleep in two separate beds! Go ahead and make fun. I never get to think about that too long because I'm usually drifting peacefully to sleep with 30 minutes of massage mode #1.


Shannon said...

Oh man, if I didn't already love you already, this just sealed the deal. That bed is crazy! Happy to hear you are sleeping better though.

(Oh, and remember how I was supposed to call you back the other night? Yeah... sorry. Other distractions crept in. I'll call you soon though!)

Janelle said...

Oh I had heard about this bed, and the anti-gravity mode. Awesome.

Mike and Alli said...

Ha ha! You old lady, you. That looks awesome though. Mike would love it!