Thursday, December 10, 2009


My distaste for winter has been slightly offset by Jay's utter adorableness this time of year. He loves to look outside at the bright glow of snow on the ground. He thinks that cold surfaces are funny. And he looks SO cute in mittens and a hat. Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

Anyhow, "frozen" is my theme for this post for two reasons:

#1) That is what our pipes were this week! No fun. Have I mentioned that I dislike winter? Thank goodness for wonderful parents close by.

And #2) That is what I felt like being interviewed by channel 6 news at a toys for tots drive last night. First off, you should know that I'm not advertising my own awesomeness by telling you I was there. It wasn't my idea. Apparently, Joe has a soft spot for Christmasless children and we just HAD to go help. It was pretty cute. We showed up to Albertson's and Michelle Edmonds was standing in front of the bin with her camera crew. She asked if we wanted to be on the news and Joe said no. Before I could say anything she grabbed Jay and I and within 5 seconds we were on the air--LIVE! Blinking... microphone in my face... blank stare.... That's what I remember. I could NEVER be a news anchor. My mind went blank, which would have been okay had I fainted or walked off camera. But no.... I started talking! This is always dangerous. It turned out okay though, and luckily we were only on the 9:00 news on channel 9. Who watches that, right? As we were leaving, Michelle thanked us for watching channel 6... I wasn't about to tell her that I thought we were coming to help out Dee Sarton!


Ashlie said...

That is funny I wish I could have seen ya:o)

Amy Bates said...

Boy what a cute little man you have there! I am mildly depressed that I missed Stacy on air.

Shannon said...

You're a celebrity! What a random experience. And I agree with Amy - Jay gets cuter by the minute.

Love you!

Mimi said...