Friday, August 28, 2009

It Pays to be Small

There are a few advantages to having a small baby. I've decided to embrace this part of Jay because it honestly has saved us a ton of money. How you might ask? I'll give you two examples:

#1) Clothing. See these pants...
He wore the same ones when he was three months old! Now they are more like capris or long shorts. I'm glad I bought a lot of cute clothes for that age cuz I'm still using a lot of them!

#2) Toys. Well actually just one.. toy. His swing. Jay started "growing" out of his swing when he was 5 months old.... or so we thought. We put it away and lent it to Rick and Katie but their baby didn't like it. They gave it back to us last night. I was trying to figure out where to store it when I decided that it would be fun to see what Jay thought of it. (Since he hasn't seen the thing in eight months.) Well see for yourself:
They took a nap together.
He's a little long for it but way under the weight limit. I guess you can take the boy out of the swing but you can't take the swing out of the boy.


amybates said...

Cute, cute, cute! Man this makes me want to post...I have the whole month of August just chillin' on my camera!

G & G Brady said...

I have so many memories of "baby Jay" in his swing. Now it is so cute to see "little Jay" still lovin' it. Thanks for taking a picture--it will be fun to show him as he grows up.