Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lessons Learned

So it's been a while. Well a lot has happened in the past month and I guess I should probably fill in a few blanks. It's been crazy at times, boring at other times... heartbreaking.... deathdefying... okay not really deathdefying. Unless you consider what might have happened between me and a customer service rep at the Red Lion Inn deathdefying. It could have been ugly.

Anyhow it's impossible to relate all that has happened in one post (we took a bunch of trips). So I think I'll just tell you what I have learned in the past month mingled with few pictures and stories. (Don't worry I'll start with the Red Lion Inn... I know you're on the edge of your seats here)


#1) I learned that if you decide to stay at a hotel in the middle of January based solely upon the fact that it has a pool... because you haven't been swimming in over a year and it's all you've been hoping for and dreaming about for quite some time... make sure that the pool is an indoor pool! (And make sure you check that out before you buy the whole family swimsuits, get all geared up and make your way to the pool area.) Then if you decide that the only way to make up for such disappointment (not to mention embarrassment) is to cuddle up under some warm blankets and watch the dvd you just rented, make sure that your hotel room has a dvd player! And above all else, never order room service as a desperate attempt to save your vacation. This never helps. But do leave a nasty review to get back at the customer service lady who hung up on you... cuz she'll probably never see it and that'll show her!

#2) If on that same vacation you decide that a trip to an overpriced aquarium would be a fun idea, make sure that the roads do not look like this: ...or else it might take you an hour to get there. Actually even though it was over-priced... with half off for family night... it was still fun to get out. Jay was oblivious to the road conditions and he let me test out Joey's new camera on him the whole way there.I think maybe he was hungry!

The aquarium was a good way to test out our new carrier backpack for Jay though. (Thanks Monica for finding the good deal. As soon as yours actually gets to you.. you'll like it too.)
All in all it wasn't too bad. We got to pet stingrays... 
stare into a glowing sphere... 
and we found Nemo... a few times actually. 
And even though Jay didn't look too excited about anything, he at least thought a few things were pretty weird. 

#3) I learned that when you do finally get to go swimming in a hotel (a different hotel) and you get really excited to take pictures of your baby's first ever swimming experience... don't get too excited because inevitably steam from the hot tub will fog up your camera lens and you won't be able to see a darn thing. 
It was super cute though.

#4) I learned that there is no point in packing bedding for Jay.

#5) On a different note: I learned that the windows of heaven truly are opened when you pay your tithing. (We learned this in the form of an unexplainable refund check from an old insurance company dated Dec. 8, 2008) 

And finally...
#6) I learned that Children's Tylenol works wonders on a teething baby in more ways than one.

The past month has been great. We have grown together as a little family... especially on those eight hour road trips stuffed in Joey's little truck. (Babe, if you're reading this... I meant to say manly truck!) 


Shannon said...

I was beginning to wonder if you were going to post again! I'm sorry about the hotel ordeal, although one day you'll be able to look back at it and really laugh. Maybe you're already there. I bet you are.

Let's talk again soon.

You have the cutest baby ever.

The end.

amybates said...

Finally Stacy posts! Cute pics of baby Jay. The boys are super excited to see you the end of the month when we come up...We're staying with you, right? JK!!!

theRach said...

Stacy! You have the cutest little family. I can't believe how big your little man is getting....and I mean Jay, not Joey... :)