Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm pathetic.
I have suspected this for quite some time but today it became an inescapable reality. I saw my husband at 9 a.m. yesterday morning. He then proceeded to travel to McCall and has been gone ever since. It is now 1 a.m. Sunday morning... an absence of barely 16 hours and I'm going crazy. Honestly, Joe and I have gotten to spend a lot of time together over the past month or two and it has been sooo much fun. He leaves for one day and I'm a waste of flesh. The truly pathetic part of all of this is that he will be home in one hour! I can't stand myself sometimes.

Anyhow the wonderful news is that I realized today what a great guy I married. (Don't worry I knew that before I married him... I just felt especially grateful for him in his absence.)
Okay before you read on, you should know that this could get mushy. That's right.. good and mushy. But I will try and hurry. Not because I don't want to gross you out but because if he arrives home and sees me writing this he will NEVER let me post it.
I was thinking today about what a shame it is that in today's society, gushing about your husband is unpopular and usually met with rolling eyes from those who think you are being idealistic and naive. Well I'm sick of that mentality. Why is it that the whole world wants to know about him when you are dating but when you are married no one cares?! I just don't get it. So here's my attempt to change the world:

I shall call this list
by Stacy Brady

#1) (in no particular order) He's unfathomably good with children. Especially Jay. When Jay was first born he would lay down on a blanket with him and tell him all about the life he was going to have and everything they were going to do together. He's a super cute uncle too. He's not worried about looking silly at all. This is one of my favorite pictures. He traded ties with Zach right before church to make him feel like a big kid. He also teaches a primary class that just adores him.

#2) He's the biggest goofball you will ever meet... and only those closest to him know it. I wish I could elaborate but he would KILL me. Let's just say there is NEVER a dull moment at our house.

#3) He encourages me to do what I love (even at his expense sometimes).
For instance, he agrees to pose for silly or embarrassing pictures because he loves me.
(M&M Factory... read the sign above his head... he loves me.) (Who hasn't seen "Big"?!)
#4) He gets excited about the cutest things and makes me appreciate the small things in life.
(This year at Christmas it was a red rider bee bee gun... oh and a speedo but I won't post pictures of that one.)
#5) He tries to kiss me in public even though he knows I hate it. I get so embarrassed but at least I know he loves me right?
#6) He is ridiculously good looking in a pair of swim trunks... especially while driving a boat.
(Here he is the day after we broke up... ...we got back together the next day!)

#6) Family is SOOOOO important to him and he would do anything for them.
In fact, the first time I realized I might be warming up to the kid was when he was helping his cousin change her bike chain at a ward activity. That doesn't sound significant but if you knew our history... well let's just say it was significant.
Oh and he'd be mad if I didn't add that my exact thought in the moment was "That's hot."

#7) He honors his priesthood and loves the gospel. This is really #1.
(This picture has nothing to do with that... I just like it. We're on our honeymoon.)
#8) He is my perfect balance in so many ways. I'm such a stress case and he loosens me up. For that reason I love this picture.
#9) We're buds. Really. We laugh all the time. We never get any sleep.
(There are so many more reasons but he's gonna be home any minute! Yeah!)

So there you go world! I'm not ashamed. I love my husband. I know it. He knows it. And now you do too.


Kade and Teann said...

Stacy, you're so cute! I am so happy to know that you love your husband! :D I had to laugh about the part, "We never get any sleep." You are such a night owl that I bet you guys have the funnest conversations and laughing sessions. Man, that makes me miss you and the good old days! By the way, I'm quite curious where you went on this amazing vacation. It looks like California somewhere? Good for you! How's Joey's work going, etc.?

Davis and Laura said...

Cuteness. I love it, and believe me it just will get better and better.

Erin Ludwig said...

That was very sweet Stacy

Katie said...

So Stacy - you don't know me but I'm a friend of Devin's - from the mish. And I knew Joey cause he came with his parents to pick Devin up. So, I was just perusing and found this blog and LOVED reading this. He was such a punk kid :-) and so it's great to see that he's such a great husband with an adoring wife! I love it. and good job taking a stand against anti-mush. :-) Oh and - sorry if it creeps you out that I commented. But better to be a commenting stalker than not - that's what I always say.

Livi said...

WHEN DID YOU GO TO NYC? I hope it wasn't while i was there and we missed each other?!

The Jones Crew said...

Love the tribute to the husband. They need more of that don't you think. You guys look great and so happy. I like your lessons learned too. I will keep those tips in mind :)

Devin said...

Hi Stace,
You're right Joper is a great guy and you're great too. I like your blog a lot. Are you sure that's not me helping dad fix the bike? That guy has a BYU-H shirt and a Notre Dame hat. Plus, I'm more helpful. I think that's me.