Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sunsets and Sinus Headaches

So there I was, crumpled up in a ball in my recliner. Jay was asleep in his swing beside me. My house was trashed, my head was pounding, and my husband was at work on a Saturday night. I must have looked pretty pitiful. Somehow in the middle of my grief I managed to look up toward our living room window. It was glowing PINK! I hesitated for only a moment while thoughts of UFO's and house fires raced through my mind. Then realizing my good fortune, I popped out of my death chair, threw a trench coat on over my PJ's (just in case someone could see me from the road), and ran outside for a few moments of bliss.
(I didn't change the brightness or contrast on any of these photos.. this is honestly the real color of the sky!)
Isn't it amazing how the Lord teaches us gratitude in some of our weakest moments?


amybates said...

Teach me master! How do you get such awsome shots?!

Jones Family said...

Wow yours are amazing as well. God sure gave us a beautiful gift last night

Shannon said...

those pictures are phenomenal. I will call you soon... I sure love you.

Grandmajan said...

The sunsets in the west are awesome. Thanks for sharing! Jan