Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Joe!!

Well, I'm a little behind here, but November 23rd was Joe's Birthday! He celebrates every year with his Grandpa Brady because they were born on the same day... just a few years apart. This year they turned 108.

Here we are having dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Brady's house.
(I love how it looks like Jay is just chillin' on top of the table--Joey's holding him up.)

And here's Grandpa holding Jay. I was in charge of making the cake. Now last year Joey requested a Ninja Turtle cake. This was it: So this year I was planning on creating some sort of 80's cartoon masterpiece but there just wasn't time in between church and the party. I had to put the cake in the freezer just to frost it in time. I asked Joe what he wanted it to say and he said, "I want it to say 'Happy Birthday Men' cuz I'm a man now. I can rent a car!"... He's 25.

Here's Katie holding the cake with all 108 candles on it.
And here's the blaze.
The cake was twice as big last year so it fit the candles better. But after the cake that Joey got me for my birthday... (need I remind you)...I decided we were all a little "caked-out" and opted for the smaller cake this year.
It was pretty much all wax by this point.
Why did I even write anything on it?! And it wouldn't be a birthday for Joe if he didn't get clothes! Now you may be wondering about the pink bag in Joe's lap... well the Brady's have this tradition (that I appreciate more and more each birthday) of not wrapping their gifts. They find some blanket or shirt to wad it up in and that's how they give it to you. (Christmas is the exception.... that would be a lot of blankets and shirts to retrieve.) Anyhow, the above picture was my gift to Joey that I "wrapped" in my church bag.

Matching ties from Rick and Katie..
A coat from Mom and Dad.
(Because Joey NEVER wears a coat to their house... even in the coldest weather.)
Probably the highlight of the night (for me) was Janelle's gift. It was her old iPod. I use it more than Joe does! Great gift Janelle! You know I heard Joe saying how much he wants a bread maker next year.


Shannon said...

Nice talking with you this morning Stacy! I'm sorry you're so sick! Baby Jay is now officially the cutest baby ever. I love how he's looking at Joey in the first one...
Love you!

amybates said...

I don't know about baby Jay as the cutest baby ever, I have a couple that should be in the running, although he is a close second!! Looks like you had fun. That was one scary blaze!!

Jones Family said...

That is a huge Cake! Hope your Christmas season is going well