Thursday, March 22, 2012

Matchy Matchy

I usually roll my eyes when I see moms dress all their boys alike. You can get away with it for little girls but something feels a little "Von Trapp"ish about matching boys. Today, however, I broke the rules. Jay wanted to wear his "BSU" colored polo and I couldn't resist letting Ty wear his too. Well, call me Maria because this is just too cute!  

Ty is so sweet to share his finger with Jay!
Seriously, I might just dress them the same for the rest of their lives. Say goodbye to your social life boys!

Oh, I could eat them!

Now I'm off to find some curtains!

(In case you are confused about the curtains... don't worry, I often have to explain my humor to Joe as well. Finding curtains was my clever way of bringing home the "Sound of Music" theme. It's okay if you didn't get it. Don't be embarrassed. Watch the movie.)


Alex and Marie said...

I got it. I'm with ya. :)

Alex and Marie said...

And I love dressing my boys alike too.

Sharlee said...

Two things: 1. Your boys are ADORABLE! 2. I got your joke--and I'm not even a fan of the there's that. Seriously though, I love seeing pictures of your little guys.

Shannon said...

Totally got the curtain comment. Man, I love your humor!

And I love blog updates too! The boys are getting so big and increasingly adorable. Sorry it has been so long since we've talked. I'll try calling you soon. LOVE YOU!

Janelle said...

Love all these updates. Your boys are so so cute. I'm sad to see the truck go, now our family is Tacoma-less. My mom needs to remedy that I guess. Though Brent would be more than happy to if he could. Can't wait for Troopy and Ty to meet and become best friends!